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Autism diagnosis with aba centers of virginia

Before kiddos can begin their ABA course with ABA Centers of Virginia, they must obtain an official autism spectrum diagnosis (ASD) from a medical provider. We ensure the screening, testing, and diagnostic process for autism with us is easy and, most importantly, comfortable. If you recognize any signs of developmental delays, autism, or lack of communication, we can help you with the next steps.

Child aba therapy

Child ABA therapy has shown to be incredibly effective for kiddos diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) from two to twelve years old, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. ABA therapy can help children flourish by meeting the child on their level and enhancing developmental outcomes in playful ways.

Teen aba therapy

Many know first-hand that the teenage years, while often full of fun and new experiences, can also present struggles. These challenges can be especially tough for teenagers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families. In some cases, individuals with ASD receive a late diagnosis, sometimes in their teens when symptoms become more apparent.

In-home aba therapy

For many kiddos with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), familiar places often feel safe and offer a supportive environment conducive to developmental expansion. Bringing ABA therapy to your home, where your child feels safest, is a terrific and more practical option for many families touched by neurodiversity.

Early intervention aba therapy

Did you know that early intervention ABA therapy can have significant positive impacts on children with autism? An essential element of ABA treatment is beginning ABA care quickly after receiving your child’s autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. Infancy is a vital stage of a child’s development. In this phase, children experience everything for the first time and have few established patterns or routines, meaning their learning and development are more shapable.

Complimentary ABA therapy Consultations are Available Now

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