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Autism-friendly summer activities

8 Autism-Friendly Summer Activities in Virginia

Throughout the year, we enjoy special times to be with family and step away from our usual schedules. Summer is one of these periods, with ...
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Picky eaters with autism

Picky Eaters with Autism: 5 Strategies to Improve Mealtime

When we talk about food, we all have our preferences, but what happens when those preferences turn into aversions, especially for individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders? ...
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Autism and the police: 7 tips to improve encounters with asd

Autism and the Police: 7 Tips to Improve Encounters with ASD

People who care for and support those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) sometimes worry about teaching them how to interact with law enforcement appropriately. Unfortunately, ...
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May the 4th: celebrating star ways day with aba learning!

May the 4th: Celebrating Star Ways Day with ABA Learning!

Since its premiere unveiling in 1977, Star Wars has transcended from intricate space drama to becoming a total cultural phenomenon. This extraordinary saga, sprawling across ...
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Celebrities on the spectrum

Celebrities on the Spectrum: Breaking Stereotypes

In the past, society misunderstood autism, often misinterpreting it as dementia or other conditions that stigmatized those experiencing it; for instance, in 1911, Eugen Bleuler ...
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Understanding stimming behaviors in autism: key insights and support strategies

Understanding Stimming Behaviors in Autism: Key Insights and Support Strategies

Explore the world of stimming behaviors in autism with our in-depth guide. Learn about the significance of these actions for individuals with autism and how ...
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