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ABA therapy for Teens

Many know first-hand that the teenage years, while often full of fun and new experiences, can also present struggles. These challenges can be especially tough for teenagers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families. In some cases, individuals with ASD receive a late diagnosis, sometimes in their teens when symptoms become more apparent.

Regardless of your circumstances, ABA Centers of Virginia can help if you’re raising a teenager with an ASD diagnosis. Our teen ABA therapy helps neurodivergent teens establish essential skills they carry for a lifetime, with different goals than an ABA program for younger children.

Teen aba therapy with us

Teen Skillsets in ABA Therapy

Today, ABA therapy is the gold standard in symptom management and skill acquisition for individuals with ASD. Caregivers can expect to see teenagers on the spectrum expand their skill sets in areas such as:


Growing up can present many distractions. An essential element of life is focusing during the daily chaos. Through engaging in virtual and physical games, ABA practitioners can help nurture your teen’s ability to concentrate and focus their attention.

Communication and Social Skills

In academics, employment, and building relationships, expressing yourself is critical to success. By practicing communication and roleplaying interactions with ABA staff, your teen prepares for better social experiences.


Sound and music are powerful for many teenagers with ASD. Through music and movement, clients reduce their stress, dance, and learn new ways to express their feelings.


Money management is a skill with which even public education struggles. ABA prepares teenagers to handle monetary exchanges for more independence in adulthood. In teen ABA therapy, clients learn to count money, swipe a debit card, and tip their server. Best of all, ABA helps clients acquire these skills stress-free through roleplaying or games before they are required.


Reading skills are vital for academic and personal growth. ABA therapy fosters better reading experiences and understanding to improve comprehension. 

Hygiene and Self-Care

Daily hygiene and self-care are essential to feeling your best! ABA therapy helps teenagers solidify these skills to maintain cleanliness, grooming, and well-being.

Emotional Regulation

Sometimes teenagers experiencing puberty have difficulty managing their emotions, leading to outbursts or increased meltdowns. ABA therapy can help address these challenges leading to better regulation of emotions.

Transitioning into Adulthood

Becoming an adult can feel overwhelming. Choosing where to work, developing a resume, landing a fantastic job interview, and establishing healthy routines are necessary skills ABA therapy can help build!

Your Teen Will Accomplish Amazing Things!

ABA Centers of Virginia offers neurodivergent teens customized support that appreciates their developmental uniqueness and evolving interests. We understand that everyone on the spectrum deserves a detailed approach that leads to a more independent lifestyle. Whether your teenager is looking for their first job or wants to make more friends, we can help.

Applied Behavior Analysis uses positive reinforcement to promote healthier behaviors and personal development. With our personalized ABA plans, your teenager will learn new skills to help them cope with life. Over time, teenagers feel more autonomous and fulfilled while enjoying ABA sessions and feeling celebrated!

For more information about us and how we can help your teen with autism, call us at (855) 957-1892 for a free consultation.

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