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Autism Diagnosis / Autism Testing

Before your child can begin their ABA course with ABA Centers of Virginia, they must obtain an official autism spectrum diagnosis (ASD) from a qualified provider. We ensure the screening, testing, and diagnostic process for autism with us is easy and, most importantly, comfortable. If you recognize any signs of autism, developmental delays, or lack of communication, we can help you with the next steps.

Sadly, the autism diagnostic process can be a complex and discouraging experience with other providers. If you’ve been researching the autism diagnosis process, you may find families often encounter long waiting periods, sometimes remaining on lists for moths or years. Fortunately, families who work with ABA Centers of Virginia have more positive experiences obtaining the necessary ASD diagnosis to receive ABA services.

It’s our mission to speed up the diagnosis process for you and your family while ensuring accuracy. We want your child to get the support they need now. 

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Autism diagnosis with aba centers of virginia

Reach out to us today and schedule a preliminary autism testing evaluation. Our experts will listen to all your concerns and ask pertinent questions to ensure you receive the appropriate diagnosis. During this discussion, we will verify your insurance benefits and explore your ABA care options.

Your Initial

Our clinical team will meet with your child and family during your preliminary appointment. Our autism evaluation includes play-based activities delivered in a warm environment. Often, our team employs the ADOS-2, the current industry standard in autism testing. This screening session has several components and typically lasts two to four hours.

Autism Analysis and Evaluation

Once your child’s autism diagnosis appointment is over, our expert team will carefully analyze your child’s results to distinguish potential developmental areas requiring support. In most cases, an autism analysis takes one to two weeks.


Diagnostic Report and Potential Diagnosis

During your follow-up appointment, our expert team will share their findings and suggestions for the next steps in the context of your child’s condition. If your child does have autism, your provider will explain their circumstances clearly. We always designate plenty of time to discuss results and answer questions. We understand that for many parents, these test results can be life-changing.

Autism Testing

Today, no standalone diagnostic tool for autism exists. Instead, medical providers utilize a comprehensive approach that considers all the facets of a child’s life, like early development and behavioral history, in addition to their autism testing results.

Research repeatedly demonstrates that early intervention ABA therapy can have a significant clinical impact on developmental outcomes for kids diagnosed with ASD, especially between 2 and 5 years old.

Receiving a diagnosis in aba
Receiving a diagnosis in aba centers

Research establishes that 1 in 6 kiddos between 3 to 17 years old are diagnosed with a developmental disability. Medical professionals typically conduct regular ASD screenings at 9, 18, and 30 months. It’s essential to pay attention to your child’s development milestones even outside of these regular screenings.

During a child’s autism screening, in many cases, caregivers will complete a questionnaire to explore the child’s history and behavioral experiences. Sometimes, the child may also complete a short test. These mini-evaluations serve as data points to highlight patterns or areas needing ABA support. Autism can affect areas of life such as:

  • Behavior
  • Emotions
  • Thinking
  • Language
  • Movement
Aba autism testing

If, after this screening, you suspect your child may be neurodivergent, we can assist you with more formalized testing to receive an ASD diagnosis. ABA Centers of Virginia utilizes several testing options, including:

The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2):

Standardized assessment tool characterizes ASD symptoms. It carefully analyzes your child’s patterns in areas like play, socialization, and communication.

Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised Test:

Updated tool explores a child’s history and current behaviors in the context of ASD through conversation.

Childhood Autism Rating Scale, Second Edition:

This approach consists of 15 questions used to characterize the potential for ASD in an individual that may have other conditions. Additional assessments may be employed at the provider’s discretion to test a patient’s hearing, vision, language abilities, cognitive performance, and motor skills.

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Testing and autism diagnosis are essential, but they are only the first steps to better outcomes for individuals experiencing neurodiversity. The only evidence-based approach to autism care, also known as Applied Behavior Analysis, includes expert personalization to meet each client’s needs. ABA therapy can be transformative, leaving many caregivers and parents astounded by their child’s daily progress.

You can rely on ABA Centers of Virginia to facilitate a positive diagnostic experience for your child and family. For more information about ASD services with us, including testing, diagnosis, and ABA therapy, call us at (855) 957-1892.

Schedule a free discovery consultation with an ABA expert who understands the complexities of neurodiversity today.

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