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Early Intervention for Autism

Did you know that early intervention ABA therapy can have significant positive impacts on children with autism? An essential element of ABA therapy is beginning ABA care quickly after receiving your child’s autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. Infancy is a vital stage of a child’s development. In this phase, children experience everything for the first time and have few established patterns or routines, meaning their learning and development are more shapable.  

Autism services, like early intervention ABA therapy, typically begin before the client is two years old, while the brain is still in critical development. ABA Research indicates that early intervention ABA therapy enhances communication, social skills, and cognitive ability, among other areas of life in children with autism. Waiting for a diagnosis can often delay ABA care, as access to services only becomes available upon diagnosis.

Early intervention aba therapy

Fortunately, autism can now be detected earlier, leading to earlier ABA access and better outcomes for everyone. Earlier access to ABA therapy promotes healthier, more productive behaviors in children long-term and increases engagement. Your child’s ABA team, including their Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs), will nurture their skills while promoting self-discovery and personal growth.

What Are the Benefits of
Early Autism Intervention?

ABA Research demonstrates early autism detection and intervention are critical because families receive therapeutic support during their child’s critical developmental years. In early childhood, the brain experiences rapid growth that impacts behavior and patterns. Knowing this, our ABA practitioners always offer a unique approach to development that identifies talents and areas needing support. A personalized ABA approach ensures kiddos have better daily experiences while preparing for academic life and social encounters.

ABA Centers of Virginia focuses on guiding your child through ABA sessions on their level, regardless of their circumstances, for ongoing progress. While ABA therapy is effective for individuals of any age, early intervention in ABA can have tremendous results that build the foundation for future success in ABA therapy and life.

Expect the Industry's Best!

We recognize that children on the spectrum have fulfilling experiences when receiving ABA therapy. Our expert team of ABA professionals understands the unique needs and challenges of neurodiversity. We always provide customized  therapy plans, empowering each child with ASD to flourish in their own way.

Our ABA practitioners are ready to help your child (and family) lead a happier, healthy life now! If you are seeking early autism invention, don’t hesitate to explore your child’s options for ABA support with ABA Centers of Virginia! Reach us now to schedule a complimentary consultation with an ABA team member and learn more about our ABA services!

Together we can craft a brighter future for your family and loved ones.

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