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ABA Therapy for Kids

Child ABA therapy has shown to be incredibly effective for kiddos diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) from two to twelve years old, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. ABA therapy can help children flourish by meeting the child on their level and enhancing developmental outcomes in playful ways.

At ABA Centers of Virginia, we know firsthand every child on the spectrum has fantastic talents and unique challenges. Our clients deserve the best in ABA care. As such, we never offer a one-size-fits-all approach to developmental ABA support.

We personalize every element of ABA therapy with an eye toward your child’s future goals and dreams. We promote their autonomy and participation in every aspect of their life. Unlike other ABA therapy providers, we believe in minimal intrusiveness and promote self-discovery whenever possible.

Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) design ABA programs utilizing critical data to comprehend a child’s experience. With this knowledge and expertise, your child’s ABA practitioners optimize ABA interventions to address communication, social skills, and other productive behaviors that help children advance through life’s stages.

Child aba therapy
Child aba therapy

Next, your child’s Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) will help them complete their therapy hours across ABA sessions. All our ABA practitioners are licensed and pass exams from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

For toddlers and pre-K children, ABA therapy is generally an all-day experience with school readiness and milestone development at the forefront of care. We strive to accommodate every family’s needs to ensure each child on the spectrum (and their family) is supported.

The ABA Journey with Us

Every child’s ABA program begins with an evaluation by a BCBA. Your ABA provider will start to analyze your child’s behavior patterns while considering essential long-term goals. After spending time with your child and family to recognize challenges and life dynamics, their BCBA will create an ABA therapy plan to support your child’s needs and enhance their life.

During ABA therapy sessions, RBTs work with your child to help them learn vital skills while monitoring progress through technical and analytic review. According to behavior, goals are adjusted to meet a client’s needs as they age.

An official autism spectrum diagnosis is required to access ABA therapy services. Learn more about autism screening and the diagnostic process.

Child ABA Therapy Options with Us Include:

  • Autism Screening, Testing, and Diagnostic Services
  • Parent Training Programs
  • In-Home ABA Therapy
  • Life and Community Integration Skills
  • School Readiness Skills
Child aba therapy

ABA Therapy Can Support Your Child in Incredible Ways!

Here are a few developmental areas we enhance through ABA sessions:

Coping Skills

Our terrific ABA team will focus on teaching your child critical skills for coping with new experiences and expanding their emotional regulation ability. Coping skills help children manage impulse control, increase self-awareness, and promote consideration when making choices, to name a few critical benefits.

Daily Living Skills

ABA practitioners recognize that daily tasks like dressing, potty, and teeth brushing are core building blocks to more independent living for individuals with ASD. By breaking tasks into smaller chunks, our BCBAS and RBTs help children develop routines and habits that enhance their well-being.

Social Skills

ABA programs focus on nurturing a child’s communication so they can flourish when interacting. Social skill development often includes activities like:

  • Engaging in pretend play, like feeding a pretend baby or stuffed bear
  • Roleplaying a zoo visit or a tea party
  • Taking turns in conversations, learning to pause, or exploring nonpreferred topics
  • Learning to communicate preferences or selections

Reading and Writing Skills

Your child can get a head start on reading and writing abilities helpful for academic life through ABA by engaging in activities like:

  • Tracing or copying
  • Scribbling
  • Drawing
  • Coloring

Over time, these activities help to strengthen muscles and improve skills needed for writing and attending school.

Visual and Perception Skills

Our ABA practitioners incorporate activities to enhance visual and perception skills in clients, which are vital to skill acquisition. These include activities like:

  • Engaging in memory games
  • Reading books like “Where’s Waldo?” and “I SPY”
  • Matching and sorting games
  • Completing puzzles

Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Our ABA team utilizes games, interventions, and play that engage your children in ways that organically refine their critical motor skills. Over time, children improve their muscle tone and coordination. Some examples of motor activities employed during ABA sessions include:

  • Handling clay, kinetic sand, or other sensory materials
  • Opening, closing, grasping, or reaching for highly motivating objects
  • Engaging with cause-and-effect toys
  • Playing with Legos, blocks, or foam pieces
  • Stringing noodles or beads
  • Dropping marbles or coins into slides and container
  • Cutting small shapes or tracing

Positive Reinforcement is Essential to ABA Therapy!

Positive reinforcement is a massive facet of Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA therapy. Principles of behavioral science establish that individuals often repeat reinforced behaviors. Over time, productive or not, the behavior that gets the most attention often becomes natural or reoccurring.

Through ABA therapy, BCBAs identify productive behaviors for participation or expression and increase those behaviors. In ABA therapy, the child receives a meaningful reward when they engage positively during ABA interventions.

Positive reinforcement or rewards include:

  • Verbal praise
  • Time with a favorite book, toy, or person
  • Access to videos or games
  • Breaks at a park or playground
  • Snacks, points, or tokens

Over time, children receiving ABA therapy replace challenging behaviors with appropriate alternatives that are helpful for the rest of their life.

At ABA Centers of Virginia, we focus on understanding your child’s unique needs and behavior. Regardless of how neurodiversity affects your family, we can ensure our child’s ABA therapy programs are enriching and rewarding with effects that last a lifetime.

For more information about child ABA therapy with us and your options for autism care, call us at (855) 957-1892 to schedule a complimentary, zero-obligation consultation with our expert ABA team members.

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